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Some amazing clever ideas to add in cartoon animation

One of the best ways to market your business without using uninteresting and meaningless strategies is to add videos using cartoon characters. Cartoon animation is proven to get more views compared to traditional corporate videos. Here are some clever ideas you can add in your videos to make it more amazing and interesting.

3D Cartoons

3D Videos are the best type of videos for automatic advertisement by word of mouth. You can make the whole cartoon video in three dimensions. Contact your 3D agency to create some 3D animation for your cartoon video.

Don’t go 100% Promotional

Although this might not sound right because you are creating a video only for the promotional purpose, creating videos that only have an advertisement for your product won’t go well. People will most likely leave the video in between if the video only contains advertisements. Instead, create a storyline and make the video funny, as well as interesting. Remember it is a cartoon video to catch people’s attention, so make it interesting, which people would share with their friends.


The best way to gain popularity among your audience is to create relatable cartoon videos. In today’s generation, people love seeing something that they can relate to. For instance, you can start your video by a character going from their routine life, later how they brought your product or service and how it has changed their life.

As seen in some of the whiteboard videos, you can add advantage before buying your product and after buying your product in the form of a cartoon.

Creative with Sense of humor

Don’t get the old boring videos like every other cartoon has. Be something creative with your product. You can ask to add some jokes into your cartoon video. The sense of humor has always been the best attraction to humans. Therefore, being creative and funny will boost the sales of your business.

Only advertise your best selling product

If you are a business with a lot of products like an e-commerce website, don’t add every product in your video. Doing such things will not only make the video boring, but people won’t even remember all the videos. You just need to add one or two products which are the best selling products. You can of later make product videos for the rest of the best products if you want.

Keep it short and sweet

A survey shows people are more likely to see short videos rather than a long video. Creating long videos will not only cost you more money but will also make the video quite boring for some people. Therefore, even if you have a budget to create a long video, you shouldn’t. Instead, you can spend the rest of the amount in advertising the created video to more people.

To conclude, these are some of the best amazing ideas you can add in your cartoon video to make it more interesting, as well as to boost the sales of your business. Add all of these to create the best cartoon video ever.

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