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Photography Over the Years

Since the early 20th century, photography has held its charm with the amateurs as well as the professionals alike. But they were focused on the artistic part of photography and not on its technical aspect. Then the Polaroid camera came, to provide a mass appeal to photography. Soon, affordable films and cameras made it possible for photo albums to become a part of every household.

New styles and trends are emerging in photography all the time. Now film photography has become popular once again. People are experimenting with the role being played by light in photos. While many people are opting for smartphones as their cameras get better, others still prefer DSLRs due to their battery life, ergonomics and lens selection feature.

The advent of social media has made videos popular. Rather than still images, people can communicate better through videos as they ensure a longer contact with viewers.

Today big frames are ruling over images. Photographers are making use of large landscapes to ensure that their photos are not conceived as being dull. You may check out the work of a commercial photographer in Liverpool to know all about the latest trends in photography for 2019.

Photography is an art form that is being used by social media today to effect change. After all, a photo takes away the need to write long explanations. People like to create memories with family portraits & event photographs. Next, commercial photography has become an integral part of the marketing campaign of any company.

The fact remains that there is no part of our life that is untouched by photography anymore. You need to be clear in knowing what you wish to convey, and photos will be able to do it for you in the most beautiful way that is possible!

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